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Flower Bouquets



We will have fresh cut flowers available for purchase in our self-serve farm stand weekly starting the end of July. Bouquets are $20 in the farm stand and will be either wrapped or in a mason jar/vase. Follow us on social media for updates on when flowers are available. 

If you are interested in Summer Flower Subscriptions navigate to the SHOP tab for more info and to purchase your subscription. 

Please email if you are interested in a custom bouquet order or bulk flower order for diy arrangements. Pricing will vary depending on the order.


Pricing listed in the farm stand.

We have seasonal organic produce available in the self-serve farm stand during the summer months. Sweet corn, squash, watermelon, tomatoes, peppers, and more! Pumpkins will be available in the fall. Follow us on social media or message us to see what we have currently available.

Vegetable Picking



**The Farm Stand is closed for winter while we focus on flock management. Join our email list to be notified when we do have eggs available in the stand. We will open it up on occasion as we have eggs available.**
We have farm fresh chicken and duck eggs available for purchase in our self-serve farm stand.


Pricing varies, contact us for quote.

We specialize in hay from sales to custom baling. If you’re interested in hay for purchase or custom work, please contact us at

Hay Barrels
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